10 Really Interesting Facts About Glass

Interesting Facts

Here are 10 interesting facts about glass, a material we use and that surrounds us every day in vehicles, at home, work and school.

1. Glass is made from Sand

When glass is produced, sand is mixed with lime and soda ash and heated at extremely high temperatures. After the liquid mixture cools back down, the result is glass.

2. Adding Minerals to Glass Changes its Colour.

Combining other minerals with the sand, lime, and soda ash can result in different coloured glass. For example, adding nickel oxide to the mix produces violet glass.

Here’s a link to a local artist’s website

Hand blown glass art at Montville, Sunshine Coast.

Blown Glass Swans

beautiful swans made by blowing glass

3. Glass Can Be Formed by Lightening.

Because of the high temperatures, glass can naturally form when sand is struck by lightning.

4. When Glass Breaks, the Cracks Move at 3000mph.

That’s 5 times faster than the average airplane, which travels at 575mph!

5. Glass Windows Were Invented in the 17th Century.

Before that, people made windows out of flattened animal horn.

6. Glass is Not a Solid.

Despite what you may think, glass is not classified as a solid… or a liquid or a gas. When cooled, glass forms an “amorphous solid” that allows molecules within the glass to continue moving around.

7. The “Portland Vase” is One of the Most Valuable Glass Art Pieces in the World.

Experts estimate that the Portland Vase was made sometime between AD 5 and AD 25 in Rome. The Vase is currently in the British Museum, where it has been for over 200 years.

8. Glass is 100% Recyclable.

Glass can be recycled endlessly without losing any quality or purity.

Here is a link to a Recycling centre at Kunda Park, Sunshine Coast.

9. Volcanic Lava Can Turn into Glass.

Obsidian, a type of natural glass, can form when hot lava cools quickly after being expelled from a volcano.

10. Glass Can Take 1 Million Years to Decompose.

Durable and resilient, glass is one of the longest-lasting man-made materials.

Another interesting fact about glass

It breaks and when it does, we can replace it for you. Visit our Glass Repairs page here on our site to find out more… “LINK” or if you have the time and would like something else to read, check out one of our articles.

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More Information…

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Let Us Fix Your Panes!

We are surrounded by Glass.

Let’s face it glass plays a huge part in our lives, and we are forever trying to keep it beautiful and clean. You are surrounded by glass at home, in your office, at the shops and schools be it in windows or doors.

What is a Glazier?

Have you ever stopped and had a thought about how the glass got there or how it is made to fit so snugly into the frames? The tradespeople responsible for this job are called Glaziers. They prepare glass for structural and non-structural use in commercial and residential buildings. Working as a Glazier means spending lots of time on the job making sure the glass fits the building correctly.

Glaziers install glass into aluminium, timber or stainless-steel frames using putty, silicone or rubber strips. They are responsible for the transporting, cutting, shaping and installation of the glass into windows, doors and more.  

On the Job.

In homes, Glaziers are responsible for replacing and repairing broken glass in windows and doors. As well as installing new glass in windows and doors, even mirrors on walls. Fitting glass shower screens and glass splashbacks as well.

The Process.

Glaziers will safely remove broken glass and prepare surfaces ready to be reglazed with glass, mirrors, splashbacks or shower glass. They have the knowledge to know the right glass for every situation. Special care is taken when dealing with broken glass and it is disposed of very carefully, the same when glass cutting tools are used utmost care is taken to be precise and careful to avoid injury. 

Safe Glass Repairs by Doctor Glass here on the Sunshine Coast

Pete from Doctor Glass with safe handling of old pane!


Window & Sliding Door Glass Replacement

Here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Doctor Glass will repair your broken glass, in your windows, sliding doors or wherever else you require. With a range of glass to suit your every need from tinted glass to opaque, we have it covered.

We offer free quotes with pensioner discount and are a QBCC licenced family-run Glazing business. We cover broken glass repairs in Caloundra, Currimundi, Wurtulla, Birtinya, Buddina, Minyama, Mooloolaba, Mountain Creek, Maroochydore, Alexandra Headland and everywhere in between. Let us Fix your Panes!!

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Doctor Glass just who we are

Our Family Business

Our business Doctor Glass is a locally run family business and we are extremely lucky to be located here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Doctor Glass was first established back in 1992 so we have a lot of experience when it comes to Glass.

The Services we can Supply to the Sunshine Coast

Glass Repair Our Business

We can replace your broken glass windows and doors with made to measure glass. We offer different types of glass including opaque glass, white glass and tinted glass which all meet Australian standards.

Have a read of one of our articles about Glass Repairs here on the Sunshine Coast

Let Us Fix Your Panes!

Shower Screens

Doctor Glass install shower screens ranging from Frameless Glass Shower Screens, Semi Frameless Shower Screens, Framed Shower Screens and Over The Bath Shower Screens with various frame colours available. 

And if you are looking for a nice bevelled mirror, pencil edge mirror or even a framed mirror then we can help you with that too and yes we have the Glass Splashbacks covered for you also.

Enduro Shield Glass Protection

Doctor Glass are also Certified Applicators of Enduro Shield Glass Protection systems which once applied protects your shower glass from the etching and ugly white staining that happens as a result of soaps, shampoos and the hard water. Enduro Shield Glass Protection also comes with a 10-year warranty and eliminates the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning as you use environmentally friendly white vinegar instead. Ask us as a family business, how we love helping people protect their new addition to their bathroom.

We apply Enduro Shield Glass Protection to not just shower glass, we can apply it to your window and door glass, louvres, mirrors, splashbacks. Why not have Glass Protection applied to your glass pool fencing?

More about Enduro Shield.

Enduro Shield Certified Applicator

No more white stained shower glass

Window Screens and Security Doors

Now that we have covered the bathroom Showers and Mirrors its time to move outdoors to look at the Fly Screens, Security Screens and Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Mesh Screens, the security screens come in diamond grill and have a huge range of colours to choose from.

The pinnacle in security screen in of coarse the great range available in Invisi-Gard 316 stainless steel security. With a 15 year guarantee, you just can’t go past these fantastic security screens.  Doctor Glass can supply and install a wide variety of flyscreen and security screen products up and down the Sunshine Coast.

Check out our article all about Invisi-Gard.

Invisi-Gard, Sunshine and Security hand in hand

Window and Door Maintenance

And if your Window rollers or Door rollers need replacing we can fix that too.

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