Doctor Glass recommends Invisi-Gard© security screens for use on the Sunshine Coast

Invisi-Gard, Sunshine and Security hand in hand

Sunshine and Security go hand in hand with Invisi-Gard

 How can this be true? How can enjoy a cooling sea breeze and be allowing it to gently blow through your home on a hot Sunshine Coast afternoon not affect the security of your home?

Want to know how?

For quite some time now Doctor Glass has been supplying and installing 316 grade marine-grade stainless steel security screen supplied by INVISI-GARD ©. These security screens are in use all over Australia and are the choice of many, including boxing great “Danny Green” who states…

“I choose Invisi-Gard © to protect my family and home, You should too!”

Invisi-Gard© gives protection against unwanted visitors, insect and human alike while minimising the effects to both, your breeze and your view.

Invisi-Gard © use only 316-gauge stainless steel mesh which is attached to the aluminium frame by use of their patented “Extreme Grip Protection” (EGP) thus eliminating the effects usually caused by dissimilar metals being in contact with each other and at the same time “locking” the mesh to the frame enabling the security screen to withstand great force.

Doctor Glass can supply and install a large range of Invisi-Gard© security screens including:

  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Windows
  • Sliding Doors &
  • Security Screens

We can supply and Install these security screens for both domestic and commercial use and to both existing and new builds.

Increase your security with these attractive security screens and protect yourself and your family. Invisi-Gard© comes with a “15-year warranty” so quality is assured! 

Security Screens aren’t all that we do

Here’s an article that tells everyone a little more about us here at Doctor Glass.

Doctor Glass just who we are

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