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No more white stained shower glass

Enduroshield glass protection Sunshine Coast

Here on the Sunshine Coast Doctor Glass has the solution to prevent that ugly white staining that happens to shower glass. The Sunshine Coast is a hard water area and the shower glass just doesn’t seem to handle it resulting in staining. Doctor Glass can measure, quote and install a new shower screen for you pre-treated with Enduroshield glass protection or you can have it applied once the shower screen is fitted.  We here at Doctor Glass are the Sunshine Coast’s Certified Applicators for Enduro Shield.

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Protection for glass

Did you know that shower glass is porous and as a result absorbs mineral deposits and soap scum, making it more and more difficult to clean? Shower glass is subject to mineral deposits from water, shampoo, soaps, body fats, and harsh scrubbing using toxic cleaners, this causes a build-up and the glass discolours and develops irremovable staining. 

What it does

Enduroshield is an invisible non-stick treatment that works like a non-stick frypan and is perfect for new shower glass. It repels soap scum, grime and dirt reducing cleaning time and makes cleaning shower glass easy. Shorter cleaning time means using less water, cleaning is environmentally friendly using a mild dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, microfiber cloth and a squeegee.

The coating

The coating is invisible and does not change the look or finish of the surface, it just keeps it looking as good as the day it was treated. Cleaning is less often, with less effort, and the surface won’t deteriorate over its lifelike untreated surfaces. There are no specific aftercare products to purchase to maintain the coating, saving you time and money.

The benefits

  • Cuts time spent cleaning
  • Excellent protection against staining
  • Once only application lasts for years
  • Revitaliser products are not required
  • Suitable for new and existing glass
  • Eco-friendly – no more harsh cleaning products and reduced water wastage
  • Reduces cleaning time up to 90%
  • 10-year warranty


Cleaning Guide

Shower glass needs to be cleaned each week using a damp microfiber cloth and a mixture of white vinegar, water and a mild detergent (dishwashing liquid). Spray this mixture onto the shower glass and wipe over with the damp microfiber cloth, leave the solution for 5 minutes,  rinse then dry with a squeegee. For outdoor glass surfaces such as railings, pool fencing and windows, clean as required using water and a mild detergent (dishwashing liquid). Wash the glass with a microfiber cloth or mitt, and dry with a squeegee. For best results clean the glass in the shade to prevent streaking.


What to Avoid

Do not use any rough, gritty, abrasive, highly acidic or alkaline cleaners as they will damage the protective coating. Also do not use any scourers or scrubbers.

Here to help

Glass is our business here on the Sunshine Coast at Doctor Glass. If there is a solution to your glass problems or needs we will help to find it.  We love telling people about Enduroshield glass protection as it really does work and the benefits to you are amazing. Visit our Enduro Shield page to read more…

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