10 Really Interesting Facts About Glass

Interesting Facts

Here are 10 interesting facts about glass, a material we use and that surrounds us every day in vehicles, at home, work and school.

1. Glass is made from Sand

When glass is produced, sand is mixed with lime and soda ash and heated at extremely high temperatures. After the liquid mixture cools back down, the result is glass.

2. Adding Minerals to Glass Changes its Colour.

Combining other minerals with the sand, lime, and soda ash can result in different coloured glass. For example, adding nickel oxide to the mix produces violet glass.

Here’s a link to a local artist’s website

Hand blown glass art at Montville, Sunshine Coast.

Blown Glass Swans

beautiful swans made by blowing glass

3. Glass Can Be Formed by Lightening.

Because of the high temperatures, glass can naturally form when sand is struck by lightning.

4. When Glass Breaks, the Cracks Move at 3000mph.

That’s 5 times faster than the average airplane, which travels at 575mph!

5. Glass Windows Were Invented in the 17th Century.

Before that, people made windows out of flattened animal horn.

6. Glass is Not a Solid.

Despite what you may think, glass is not classified as a solid… or a liquid or a gas. When cooled, glass forms an “amorphous solid” that allows molecules within the glass to continue moving around.

7. The “Portland Vase” is One of the Most Valuable Glass Art Pieces in the World.

Experts estimate that the Portland Vase was made sometime between AD 5 and AD 25 in Rome. The Vase is currently in the British Museum, where it has been for over 200 years.

8. Glass is 100% Recyclable.

Glass can be recycled endlessly without losing any quality or purity.

Here is a link to a Recycling centre at Kunda Park, Sunshine Coast.

9. Volcanic Lava Can Turn into Glass.

Obsidian, a type of natural glass, can form when hot lava cools quickly after being expelled from a volcano.

10. Glass Can Take 1 Million Years to Decompose.

Durable and resilient, glass is one of the longest-lasting man-made materials.

Another interesting fact about glass

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